Deb Lyons

For Theatrical & Commercial inquiries: Agent: Garber Talent, 521 Fifth Avenue, 17th floor, NY, NY, 10175 (212) 292-4910.............................. For Gigs, Recordings & Teaching email Deb at:

Actor, Vocalist, Voice-Over Artist, Narrator, Teacher


Actor, Vocalist, Narrator, Jingle Singer, Teacher.

She'll swing you a jazz tune or Rock & Roll you on Broadway.  Her voice has sold you candy bars and cars.  On the stage, the stadium and in the studio she's reached hundreds of thousands of people's hearts.  Maybe you just didn't know it.  That voice that has sung with symphonies and will now read you a story on your way home.  A voice that's made music with pop legends like The Mamas & The Papas.  Welcome to the official website for Deb Lyons.